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Signal Hub in Action

Operationalize predictive analytics at scale across your business.

Signal Hub creates a frictionless way for data to flow from an organization’s data lake into an analytics engine, which in turn infuses true data science into the analytics process. Signal Hub generates nuanced insights, frames those insights as business decisions, and stages those decisions directly in front of the people who take action every day.

The following example illustrates the Signal Hub concept in action, dramatically collapsing time-to-results.

Imagine 10 descriptive Signals creating a single predictive Signal that tells you when and where a critical customer decision is likely to happen. Imagine 20 descriptive Signals creating 5 predictive Signals that help you increase the likelihood of your customers substantially increasing their average spend level with you. Imagine 2,000 descriptive Signals powering 50 predictive Signals that map to key business processes and specific use cases all across your business. Imagine those Signals getting refreshed constantly and flowing right to the key decision-makers in your business, whether they are CXOs or junior analysts.

That is true scalability. That is what it means to operationalize Big Data analytics at scale. That is the way to dramatically reduce time-to-value from Big Data analytics.


Raw Data

  • Structured and unstructured formats
  • Human-generated and machine-generated
  • Internal and third-party sources

Descriptive Signals

  • Number of times customer was seated in middle seat in the past 6 months
  • Number of trips customer has made on a weekend day in past year
  • Incidence of customer delays that were greater than 45 minutes in last 3 trips

Predictive Signals

  • Bundle preferences: products and services of greatest interest
  • Upgrade propensity: likelihood to purchase a business or first-class upgrade
  • Partner propensity: preference for buying from certain partners


  • Offer targeting: When a traveler buys tickets from different airlines to complete a multi-flight trip, make a promotion to "win" the whole trip.
  • Partnering: Proactively suggest bundling a hotel or rental car partner’s services with an airline ticket purchase.
  • Channel engagement: Email different customers at different frequencies based on customer-specific behavior and preferences.

Business Results

  • Retain customers who might otherwise defect to competitors and convert them into evangelists for the brand.
  • Maximize the revenue opportunity for every individual customer across all product and service offerings.
  • Capture the entire value associated with a traveler’s journey, across all modes of transportation and channels (including partner channels).

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