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There is a lot to know about Big Data analytics. Browse our Knowledge Base to find the answers.

Opera Solutions has revolutionized the way businesses can approach Big Data analytics, using a fundamentally different technology approach that not only simplifies how analytics teams do their jobs but also dramatically increases the volume of use cases they can address while extending the power of data science to all employees throughout the business.

Learn how companies are using Signal Hub to accelerate Big Data analytics workflows and extract insights that deliver better, faster business results.

  • Signal Hub is an end-to-end Big Data analytics platform for large enterprises. It accelerates the process of extracting insights and intelligence from large volumes of data, including data of different types and in different formats. Signal Hub delivers unique value to data scientists and analytics professionals by compressing analytic development time and promoting understanding and reusability of existing analytic components, allowing organizations to more effectively meet the growing demand for usable Big Data insights across all business functions and employee levels.

  • Advanced analytics and machine learning allow marketers to understand their customers at a deeper level, anticipate their needs and conversion thresholds, and orchestrate precision customer interactions with the brand over time. An approach rooted in data science can significantly reduce the number of irrelevant offers, increase the likelihood of offer acceptance, and strengthen brand loyalty. When delivered at scale, this level of customer understanding can pinpoint the exact treatment for each individual customer, creating truly personalized, highly effective engagement.

  • Signal Hub offers an entirely new way for airlines to improve decision accuracy and decipher the digital audit trail
 that spans customer touch points and operational systems. It helps airlines tackle the challenge of identifying new, predictive information from an almost inconceivable volume of data flowing in from all over the world. 

    Learn how Signal Hub helps airlines enhance their strategic capabilities and drive operational excellence by maximizing the value of their data assets.

  • A major airline with more than 90 million customers faced the challenge of increasing revenue growth while reducing its cost structure. They saw an opportunity to apply advanced analytics in marketing operations and digital marketing but realized that they also needed to unify their data systems and applications. With Signal Hub, the airline sped up campaign creation and created more personalized offers, dramatically improving customer marketing and targeting. Both revenue growth and operating cost efficiency improved substantially.

  • Credit card issuers have millions of customers who often have a high propensity to churn or fall victim to fraud, and some perpetrate fraud themselves. Advanced analytics can help. Opera Solutions has developed its powerful Signal Hub platform, which revolutionizes Big Data analytics, as well as a Credit Card Signal Set, which is tailored to the needs of issuers. It contains a set of analytical models that issuers can directly apply to business actions, accelerating results.