You could solve one business problem ... or you could solve hundreds.

How It Works


Transform Big Data analytics into a scalable operating capability to maximize the value of your data assets.

Why a Platform?

Yes, there is a better way.

A platform approach to advanced analytics not only helps find the “Signal within the noise,” it also helps the business extract it and put it to work faster, at scale, and sustainably.

Signal Hub

Platform. Solution. Philosophy.

Signal Hub solves the scalability challenge for Big Data analytics. Higher throughput plus data democratization help businesses extract more value from their data assets... not just once, but as a scalable operating capability.

Signal Hub in Action

Turn Big Data into business value.

Change your philosophy about extracting value from your data assets. Signal Hub helps businesses reduce the friction between generating insight and taking decisive business action.


Smarter design makes smarter analytics.

Simplify the mechanics of generating relevant information from your data and putting it to work for your business.


Not all innovation is created equal.

Our work is breaking ground in data science and making big gains for business. See how our data science measures up against the world’s toughest competition in global contests of machine learning data science, and learn how we combine technology, science, and domain expertise to create substantial business impact for our customers.

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