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Opera Solutions Closes $70 Million Financing

Press Release

JERSEY CITY, NJ, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 — Opera Solutions, LLC, a global leader in applied Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), has announced that it has closed on a term loan financing agreement of $70 million. The company will apply a portion of the proceeds to repay existing debt, with the remainder used to support the company’s growth.

“This financing further strengthens our balance sheet at an attractive cost of capital,” said Arnab Gupta, CEO and founder of Opera Solutions. “It also demonstrates investors’ confidence in Opera Solutions’ ability to continue its momentum in the fast-growing Big Data and AI marketplace.”

Opera Solutions provides software, science, and services that help companies scale their analytics across the enterprise and achieve profits and growth that would otherwise not be possible. The company’s flagship end-to-end technology platform, Signal Hub, uses sophisticated machine learning, combined with high-scale processing capacity and advanced data management, to identify, extract, and make available thousands of Signals about customers, operations, and markets. The platform allows companies to easily use and reuse these Signals in thousands of use cases for marketing, operations, customer service, and more. Today, Opera Solutions’ Signal Hub platform is at work for some of the world’s leading companies, calculating Signals from 500+ million consumers around the globe.

About Opera Solutions, LLC: Opera Solutions is one of the foremost applied AI companies in the world. It offers software, machine learning science, and services that enable its clients to scale analytics across the enterprise and thereby extract more growth and profits from their Big Data. The company serves leading companies in financial services, healthcare, professional services, the public sector, telecom, retail, travel & leisure, and more through its offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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