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Opera Solutions CEO Arnab Gupta to Speak at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech’s Sheller College of Business hosts Analytics Day of Learning with Opera Solutions CEO as guest speaker.

Arnab Gupta, founder and CEO of Opera Solutions, will speak at Georgia Tech’s Analytics Day of Learning. The event, entitled “Focus on Cognition” will host a number of distinguished guest speakers, including executives from DARPA, Deloitte, and Narrative Science. Mr. Gupta will discuss the concept of Man + Machine and the powerful impact created when humans and machines work together to solve the world’s most difficult problems.

He will explore how the realms of science, medicine, and information technology have reached a nexus and explain how we have achieved new levels of insight into the capabilities and limitations of human cognition and machines, as well as the synergistic effects that come from allowing humans and machines to collaborate while specializing in their respective strengths.

We have learned that the combination of Man + Machine is more powerful than either entity is separately. With man and machine working together, challenges of seemingly infinite complexity can be solved, the time required to solve longstanding problems can be dramatically compressed, and new possibilities previously only imagined can be discovered and brought into reality.

At the core of this realization are two interlocking ideas. First is the concept of integrated cognition: the ways in which the rapid growth of machine intelligence and its underlying driver, logical depth, can connect and integrate with the drivers of human cognition (i.e., dynamic depth) such that both enhance each other, and how this enhancement can result in dramatic improvements in productivity. The second idea is scaling data science and machine intelligence so that the full benefit can be realized across the enterprise.

This capability has profound implications not only for business but also for society as a whole. With Man + Machine tightly integrated, each operating in accordance with its respective strengths, the lowest common denominator begins to steadily rise. Productivity increases, decision quality is improved, and — in short —ordinary people become extraordinary.

Mr. Gupta’s company, Opera Solutions, was founded on this principal, and its solutions reflect the concept as well. No company solution exists using only humans or machines, but rather they all depend on machines to process large amounts of information to find the Signals, or valuable patterns and insights, buried within the data while relying on humans to consider the multiple facets required to make the critical decisions that drive everything from business to healthcare to government and more.

The event is being held on December 11, 2015, at the Business Analytics Center at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business.

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