Our Vision

Unlocking value at the intersection of data, science, and technology

Our Vision

A Signal Layer for every enterprise. 

Arnab GuptaThe confluence of Big Data, science, and compute power is transforming the world and creating untold new pathways for profit, growth, customer intimacy, operational efficiencies, marketing effectiveness, and more.

To capture these opportunities, companies need to create a new capability in their enterprise stack: a layer of intelligence that sits between the data layer and the applications layer and allows Big Data analytics to scale throughout the enterprise. 

We call this the Signal Layer. We believe that in the near future, Signal Layers will be as ubiquitous as data layers are today because they are the missing link in unleashing the latent value of data, AI, and unlimited compute power. We have therefore oriented Opera Solutions around the goal of providing superior, groundbreaking technology, science, and services that allow the world’s enterprises to rapidly build and efficiently manage their own Signal Layers.

We know the immense power of Signal Layers because we have built them for global enterprises with highly complex operations and very large customer bases. We have seen first-hand how quickly and easily Signal Layers can move companies from where they are today to where they want to go tomorrow.

Signal Layers eliminate repetitive and time-consuming data wrangling and allow models to move quickly into full-scale production. They allow everyone in the organization to access Signals quickly and easily, so data scientists can build and deploy models faster, and business users can seize more opportunities, with better results. Signal Layers help scale analytics across the enterprise, turning the latent power of data into real business value. In short, they close the gap between data and doing, and between aspirations and tangible business results.

Developing groundbreaking approaches to capturing value at the intersection of data, machine learning science, and technology has been our singular focus for more than a decade. We were capturing tangible value from Big Data and analytics long before the rest of the world had recognized the opportunities — or even given Big Data its name. We will continue to push forward in our quest to enable companies to build robust Signal Layers that allow them to thrive, grow, and lead in a quickly transforming world.