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3,000 Signals Are All You Need

Your company has a lot of Big Data, but most of it is simply noise. To realize value from your Big Data, you must extract intelligence from it — efficiently and in a scalable way. We call this intelligence Signals — critical descriptive and predictive pieces of information that enable better business decisions across hundreds of possible use cases.

The good news: A business needs only ~3,000 Signals to achieve breakthrough outcomes. The better news: Our Signal Hub lets you generate Signals in weeks, put them to work for your business, reuse them over time, and constantly refresh them with machine learning.

1.5 Trillion Signals in Action

Businesses around the world are using Signal Hub to predict customer behavior, optimize operational processes, identify and mitigate risks, reveal the most strategic course of action, and make game-changing decisions before the competition does. More than 1.5 trillion Signals are currently in action, helping businesses generate real value.

Signal Hub helps businesses drive tangible results on a global scale.

Disrupt Your Industry, Not Your Company

Signal Hub and its family of associated enterprise solutions are designed to work with your existing databases, data schema, and infrastructure. Signal Hub easily ingests all of your source data and quantitative models. It also interfaces seamlessly with your existing execution systems and enterprise applications. Since it is designed to put powerful data science capabilities into the hands of all employees, everyone in the business can make more sophisticated business decisions.

This design philosophy gives you faster implementation, minimal disruption, and exceptionally fast time-to-results from Big Data analytics.

How Does Signal Hub Work?

Signal Hub dramatically accelerates targeted business actions and radically reduces time-to-results. Learn how.

Our Customers


Private Equity

Opera Solutions offers the rare mix of a Big Data analytics solution rooted in hard-core data science and close collaboration with their customers to help them uncover opportunities and generate value in highly innovative ways. With their Signal Hub technology, backed by their impressive analytics minds, we can catalyze the transformation of the companies in which we invest.

Andrew C., Senior Operating Executive; Top 10 Global Private Equity Firm


With Opera Solutions’ Signal Hub, we have significantly improved the success rate of life insurance sales by 4X and reduced the business implementation time by 85%. Furthermore, it helped the analytics people accelerate the model training and implementation, enabling them to focus more on business objectives.

Zhaoyang Duan, SVP, Data and Analytics Department, Ping An Direct Co. Ltd.

  • CarePoint Health

  • CVS Pharmacy

  • Excellus Blue Cross & Blue Shield

  • Nieman Marcus

  • Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Novo Nordisk

  • Ping An

  • Sabre

  • United

  • vue

Business Impact

Signal Hub and its family of specialized enterprise solutions dramatically accelerate time-to-results from Big Data analytics.

  • Retailer


    $150M+ incremental gross revenue in first 12 months

  • Travel Services Provider

    Travel Services Provider

    Delivered more than 90% incremental bookings, driving greater than 5% revenue growth

  • 2X efficacy and speed of compromise detection

    Credit Card Company

    10X lift in incremental spend with targeting for rewards program

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Our solutions drive business results in many industries and for multiple business domains. Our technology platform makes it possible.

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