Every day, portfolio managers rely on dozens of internal and external data sources to extract investment insights. Manually combing through all these data feeds make it nearly impossible to make well informed, real-time decisions about positions, risk exposure, and returns across asset classes.

Opera Solutions' Portfolio-AI automatically integrates these data feeds and models advanced portfolio metrics all in one place! Portfolio Commander empowers fund managers to make data-driven decisions in a fraction of the time.

  • Enables fund managers with actionable insights to inform better capital allocation decisions
  • Refocuses resources on identifying alpha-generating activities
  • Aggregates data from various systems and teams without the efforts of a large-scale integration

Portfolio Commander Features

  • Advanced Analytics
    • Utilize Opera’s advanced analytics to generate insights that can reduce risk and enhance returns
  • Advanced Visualizations
    • Enable quick & accurate interpretation of large volumes of data using visualization techniques
  • Enhanced Reporting
    • On-demand reporting capability for internal and external reporting requirements
  • Unified System
    • Provides an aggregated view of data generated by disparate systems
  • Flexible Solution
    • Capable of plugging into any 3rd party vendor feeds as required