The case for Real-time AI

AI-based analytics are facing a challenge: latency. Today, most (if not all) AI-related activities are not carried out in real time. Whether your results take the form of customer segments, propensity scores, or product scores, all require many hours of calculation. After scoring, it may be days or even weeks before these scores are used.  Current AI providers struggle to combat this problem of stale data for several reasons:

  • The volume of the data is too large to be handled in a short period of time
  • The machine learning algorithms cannot calculate results in real time
  • Using older data has become standard practice

However acceptable this practice has become, for many use cases this approach is simply not practical. For example:

  • A customer is making a purchase decision online. While the customer is browsing, there is a very limited time window in which we must identify the customer, calculate their propensity to buy a product, and serve the corresponding offer. This case is impossible with standard staledata approaches.
  • A customer is booking travel online, considering many factors such as: Flight delays, location, weather, and other factors. If these factors cannot be simultaneously compared and analyzed in realtime, the data becomes useless for securing the customer.
  • Healthcare devices which stream patient vitals need to be monitored continuously and data must be processed immediately. These devices may predict likeliness of a potential heart attack; therefore, the scoring process must be carried out in realtime.

ElectrifAi Makes Real-Time Analytics a Reality:

There are many software products in the market that are technically capable of carrying out real-time streaming of AI/ML analytics.  The problem is that such tools need to be integrated from end-to-end before they can begin to provide value. For most enterprises, this poses a significant investment of time and money.

electrifAi is a highly converged platform, providing integrated real-time analytics with a no-SQL database. With these significant barriers mitigated, electrifAi is the most practical real-time AI platform in the market today.

Why electrifAi?

  • Speed: The noSQL database is the fastest in the market
  • Ease of Use: An adaptable platform to build realtime AI apps.
  • Time to value: Comes with an appstore containing pre-built, real-time AI apps.
  • Highly Scalable: Easy to scale vertically and horizontally.
  • Edge Computing: Low footprint allows for high performance even on smaller devices
  • Cost Efficient: Save money on integration by eliminating the hundreds of hours typically spent on this step of the process

Here’s how we’ve already used electrifAi...

  • ECommerce
  • Data Center Monitoring and Analytics
  • Customer NLP Sentiment Analysis
  • Geolocation-based Offers and Services

...Tell us how we can put electrifAi to work for you! Please contact us at