Signal Science

Opera Solutions is one of the largest and most accomplished centers of machine learning science in the world, with 230+ advanced-degree, award-winning scientists.

Science is central to what we do, and we do it very well. We’ve been among the top performers in worldwide contests such as the Netflix Prize, the KDD Cup, and the Heritage Health Prize, among others.

But we don’t just win contests; we use our science in solutions that win rewards for our customers. In many different arenas — fraud, national security, procurement management, and more — our new scientific techniques and approaches are making quantum differences.

Five things set us apart:

  • Talent. We attract the best scientists because we make them central to everything we do. A scientist co-heads every solution group and is expected to help create real-world solutions with measureable impact.
  • Diversity. Our team includes world-leading scientists in over 20 disciplines, from computational neuroscience to behavioral economics and beyond. This allows them to use many different machine learning techniques to find the best ways to solve problems.
  • Signal Library. With over 40,000 prediscovered Signals and best-in-class algorithms, codified and ready for easy re-use, scientists can focus on breaking new ground, not repeating old tasks.
  • Technology. We build and deploy on scalable technology platforms, allowing us to rapidly discover Signals and move quickly from discovery to production.
  • Feedback Loop. We have constant access to real-world results, which we use to monitor and continually improve model performance.