Our Culture

At Opera Solutions, our culture is all about passion — passion for professional development, innovation, amateur athletics, social involvement, and philanthropy. At Opera Solutions, we make the most of what matters most to you. In addition to building innovative Big Data solutions, we also clean up local parks, participate in blood drives, paint schools, feed the hungry, volunteer our professional skills, and organize employee-led fundraisers that support local and global causes.

Opera Solutions Cares

Opera Solutions Cares is our volunteering and philanthropy group. Created in early 2011, it was first established in the New York and New Jersey offices, and subsequently team leaders in San Diego, Shanghai, New Delhi, London, and Boston expanded the group’s reach.

The group has two goals:

1. To provide a forum for employees to give back to their local communities through direct service volunteering events and support for employees’ fundraising efforts.

2. To help employees connect with colleagues to facilitate a sense of community at Opera Solutions.

Women in Business

Women professionals have unique experiences and challenges throughout their careers. The women of Opera Solutions founded Opera Women in Business (Opera WIB) to discuss relevant issues and support one another in their business lives. Today the group is global, with chapters in every office.

Opera WIB has two missions:

1. Mentoring: WIB supports orientation activities for new female hires, invites outstanding speakers to discuss their career progression and success tips, organizes internal panels to discuss relevant issues, participates in company-wide WIB conferences and other development activities.

2. Networking: The group organizes recreational activities to promote bonding within and across all offices. These include community outreach events, as well as social gatherings where women at all levels get to know one another in informal settings.

Athletics & Fitness

Opera Solutions sponsors a robust team athletics program, which includes volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, golf, dodge ball, soccer, and running. In addition, we have fully equipped gyms at our Jersey City, San Diego, and New Delhi offices.