Our Story


Founded in 2004 with 10 people and a notion that the world’s flow of computable information — just then starting to intensify — was going to be the oil of the 21st century, Opera Solutions is now a global leader in Big Data science and predictive analytics.

We are committed to using science and technology to turn the raw material of Big Data into higher productivity, healthier bottom lines, and superior competitive advantage. The Signal Hubs, Signal Products, and Scientific & Professional Services we offer to core industry sectors, including financial services, healthcare, and government, do just that. They drive real and measureable improvement for our customers because they focus on the business leverage points in which machine learning science can make the highest impact.

Superior science is at the core of everything we do. Among our 700 employees in offices on three continents are approximately 230 scientists who make Opera Solutions one of the world’s premiere centers of machine learning. Our performance in global machine learning contests, such as the Netflix Prize, the KDD Cup, and the Heritage Health Prize, attests to our scientific prowess.

Big Data represents an enormous opportunity, but many organizations do not have the technology or the science to access its power. Our Signal Hubs, Signal Products, and Enterprise Solutions fill this gap. Our Signal Products are typically Cloud-based and implemented in weeks or months. They require little change in IT and infrastructure, providing full solutions to companies at a fraction of the cost and time of building their own predictive analytics solutions. With Enterprise Solutions, we put our science, domain expertise, and technology at the disposal of a select number of large organizations to drive unprecedented top- and bottom-line growth.

We also build our solutions with Man + Machine in mind, using science to maximize the power of the machine and then bringing it to frontline workers in ways that let them apply their judgment and experience.

The opportunity is unprecedented. Opera Solutions’ unique blend of Man + Machine, science and business, and services and software helps organizations seize it.